Three Summer Art Events of Note

Exhibitions: - Urban Art Fair - UPLIFT

We greatly enjoyed meeting so many talented artists and connecting with cutting-edge galleries during our recent visit to New York City in June for these exciting exhibitions: — Opening Reception

Ongoing at Hearst Galleries (Hearst Tower)
Simply put, is a sampling of what’s happening at this moment in artists’ studios. Curated by Betty Levin, President of Corporate Art Directions, this exhibit gives visitors an opportunity to explore, experience, and appreciate the immediacy of art—as it is being created!

Urban Art Fair

June 30–July 3 at Spring Studios
Located in an old industrial building in the heart of Tribeca, the New York edition of Paris-based Urban Art Fair casts a spotlight on the burgeoning contemporary “street art” market, featuring up-and-coming blue-chip artists such as Mr. Brainwash and Invader alongside legendary names like Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat.


June 29–July 29 at Emmanuel Fremin Gallery
A comprehensive group exhibition presented by this distinguished gallery, UPLIFT is gauged toward enhancing mood through contemporary art. The show delivers a delightfully positive and restorative experience and offers a buoyant, creatively expressive escape from the everyday chaos. The show features works by:

  • Michel Giliberti
  • Ole Marius Joergensen
  • Jean Philippe Kadzinski
  • Julian Lennon
  • Melisa Mizrakli
  • Christophe Pouget
  • Antoine Rose
  • Bob Tabor
  • Hung Yi

Here are some highlights from our latest expedition to the Big Apple (five photos from each exhibition).

[Click on a thumbnail to launch the slideshow.]

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