Saratoga Springs: A Centerpiece for Culture and Entertainment

Saratoga Springs National Park

Deemed “The August Place to Be,” Saratoga Springs draws in millions of visitors from around the world annually.

A vibrant and admired mecca for art, culture, style, and entertainment, Saratoga Springs is a longstanding playground for the affluent.

Positioned at the height of the summer season, REVEAL Art Fair will take place amid the magical combination of excitement, elegance, beauty, and allure that is created by the confluence of attractions and events in Saratoga Springs. REVEAL will naturally attract passionate visitors, jet-setters, international celebrities, and the elite of the horseracing world.

So why come to this exciting city to exhibit at REVEAL Art Fair?

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I have loved art ever since I can remember—creating, studying, and admiring it in museums and galleries. Over the years, my husband, Tom, and I have acquired a collection of inspiring works of art that spark our imagination and evoke our curiosity. Contemporary art is the essence of our life—these pieces surround us and have become a part of our daily life story.

It is from this love affair with art that the idea for REVEAL was born—creating an art fair by contemporary art passionists, for contemporary art passionists.

It is REVEAL’s vision to place the artist at the forefront of the art fair. It is our belief that the love for contemporary art is driven by the artist’s inspiration—the story that lies beneath their creative vision. Art unites us. It makes an everlasting impression on the human soul, providing a common language and connection that resonates throughout the world. Art brings people and different cultures together, connecting us to a story of life, love, and a quest for beauty and creativity beyond our imagination.

To esteemed and emerging contemporary art passionists, we invite you to join in this unforgettable experience of discovery. We invite you to fall in love with contemporary art over and over again, or for the very first time.

I personally welcome you to REVEAL, the new home of international contemporary art.

All the best,


Jacqueline Dunbar Grande

Contemporary Art Passionist