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Art Basel Miami Beach/Miami Art Week 2016 Review & Photo Gallery

Art Basel Miami 2016

“The fair is not all about selling art; rather, it is a cultural movement that revitalizes the city, establishes fraternal ties, and invites locals and tourists to walk the streets and feel the creative spirit that exists but is hidden in the art districts.”
~ FAMA Magazine

During the last few days of November and the first few days of December 2016, the global art world had its sights set on Miami, Florida, and the multitude of events that are collectively known as Miami Art Week. The spirit and excitement of Miami Art Week resonated throughout mainland Miami and Miami Beach via anchor art fair Art Basel Miami Beach and 20 plus satellite art fairs, as well as countless events and parties.

Art enthusiasts, gallerists, influencers, collectors, and dealers from all over the world gathered here to celebrate artists and their work; and to revel in the intense, contagious excitement that prevails over the city.

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Saratoga Springs: A Centerpiece for Culture and Entertainment

Saratoga Springs National Park

Deemed “The August Place to Be,” Saratoga Springs draws in millions of visitors from around the world and over a quarter of a billion dollars annually to the Spa City and neighboring areas.

A vibrant and admired mecca for art, culture, style, and entertainment, Saratoga Springs is a longstanding playground for the elite and affluent.

Debuting at the height of the summer season, REVEAL Art Fair will take place amid the magical combination of excitement, elegance, beauty, and allure that is created by the confluence of attractions and events in Saratoga Springs. REVEAL will naturally attract passionate visitors, jet-setters, international celebrities, and the elite of the horseracing world.

So why come to this exciting city to exhibit at REVEAL Art Fair?

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