Saratoga Springs: A Centerpiece for Culture and Entertainment

Saratoga Springs National Park

Deemed “The August Place to Be,” Saratoga Springs draws in millions of visitors from around the world annually.

A vibrant and admired mecca for art, culture, style, and entertainment, Saratoga Springs is a longstanding playground for the affluent.

Positioned at the height of the summer season, REVEAL Art Fair will take place amid the magical combination of excitement, elegance, beauty, and allure that is created by the confluence of attractions and events in Saratoga Springs. REVEAL will naturally attract passionate visitors, jet-setters, international celebrities, and the elite of the horseracing world.

So why come to this exciting city to exhibit at REVEAL Art Fair?

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Andy Warhol at the Whitney

Warhol at the Whitney Museum

It was wonderful to experience the Andy Warhol retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City. Here are a few highlights. (Click on an image to view it enlarged.)


Andy Warhol: Flowers

Warhol began his series of Flower paintings in 1964, taking a highly systematized approach to the creation and display of these works. He used an image of four hibiscus flowers from a magazine, and with the help of assistants silkscreened it across more than 500 individual canvases, methodically producing paintings in different sizes and seemingly endless color combinations. In doing so, Warhol mirrored both the options that exist in consumer culture—small, medium, large, extra-large—and the idea of theme and variation throughout the history of art. When these works were exhibited in New York and Paris in 1964 and 1965, Warhol exploited their serial arrangement and variation by installing them in floor-to-ceiling grids that responded to the architecture of each gallery and resulted in an immersive environment.

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REVEAL Art Fair 2018: Opening Night Reception

REVEAL Art Fair VIP Preview Reception

The hard work of over two years comes to fruition at last: the VIP Preview reception and grand opening of REVEAL Art Fair! Many thanks to our galleries, team members, sponsors, and partners for helping make it all possible. Come share in the excitement! Tickets are still on sale at:

Check out the video below…

A Picture-perfect Way to End the Year: at Miami Art Week 2017

December 2017 Miami Art Week

During the first full week of December 2017, the global art world had its sights set on Miami, Florida, and the multitude of events collectively known as Miami Art Week. The holiday spirit and creative excitement of this eye-popping week resonated throughout mainland Miami and Miami Beach via anchor art fair Art Basel Miami Beach and 20+ satellite art fairs (including ContextPulse, and Scope), as well as countless events and parties.

Art enthusiasts, gallerists, influencers, collectors, and dealers from all over the world gathered here to celebrate artists and their work; and to revel in the intense, contagious thrill that prevails over the city.

REVEAL Art Fair was in attendance at this thriving arts destination for Miami Art Week and attended six art fairs and many VIP previews with numerous galleries from around the world exhibiting works of art from leading and up-and-coming artists. A list of many of the galleries we visited is appended below.

Check out our photo highlights….

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Making an Impression: The IFPDA Print Fair

October 2017 IFPDA Print Fair at Javits Center

[image source]

Founded in 1987, the International Fine Print Dealers Association ( is a nonprofit organization of expert dealers, galleries, and publishers who champion the work of artists in the medium of fine art printmaking, from the 15th century to the present day. The annual IFPDA Print Fair is the largest and most celebrated art fair dedicated exclusively to this medium.

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Colors of Fall

Hirshhorn Museum

An Autumn Art Expedition to Washington, D.C.

As the trees themselves tell us with their dazzling foliage, October is a time of change. But one thing we can always count on is the abundance of beautiful, colorful art in our nation’s capital. Here are a few highlights from our trip.

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Summer’s End in San Francisco at MOMA

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art - Photo by Karen Winton

August is a month made for travel…and if you can travel far afield, all the better. So last week we flew clear across the country and visited San Francisco’s famed Museum of Modern Art. And, as you shall see, was it ever worth the trip!

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Two August Art Outings

Susan Eley Fine Art - Saratoga Clay Arts Center

For many, the month of August means “dog days” and summer vacation. For REVEAL Art Fair, it meant a couple of memorable excursions in search of great art—one to the Big Apple, and the other to our own backyard in Saratoga Springs.

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An Art Lover’s “Day at the Beach” in the Hamptons

Market Art+Design

Not all great art happens just in big cities like New York and Miami; you can discover it—in abundance—in more bucolic settings as well. Case in point: our own REVEAL Art Fair (debuting August 2–6, 2018) will take place in scenic upstate New York’s cultured and historic Saratoga Springs. Without a doubt, the art-scene excitement our fair generates will rival anything to be found at the city’s famed race course!

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Three Summer Art Events of Note

Exhibitions: - Urban Art Fair - UPLIFT

We greatly enjoyed meeting so many talented artists and connecting with cutting-edge galleries during our recent visit to New York City in June for these exciting exhibitions:

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